Our Purpose – Closing the Gap of Need for Heating in Central Iowa

The purpose of the Warm Your Heart Foundation is to make a positive impact in the community by installing furnaces in homes for free for families that do not have the means to hire a company to do so. There are hundreds of families in central Iowa each year that are in a tough spot when it comes to providing heat for their family. The most tragic is when the furnace is deemed unsafe to operate due to a failed heat exchanger or carbon monoxide presence.  When this happens some families are forced to heat the home with space heaters which can be dangerous not to mention very costly in the consumption of electricity. There are several programs available if the family’s household income is below a certain amount such as Polk County Weatherization and Red Rock Community Action.   The programs available for this do not have the resources to help every home, and many families do not qualify.  This is where Service Legends Heating and cooling has chosen to step in and close the gap of need through the Warm Your Heart Foundation.

The Story

Imagine the single mom with three children struggling to make ends meet.  She is committed to surviving the struggles of this world.  She has a full time job and squeezes in some weekends waitressing.  She is barely making ends meet and hopes that she is instilling values in her children so that someday when they go out in the world they will make a difference.  She comes home late from work and the house is freezing. Her furnace is out and unsafe. She does not have the income to replace her furnace.  Her credit may not allow for financing yet her income exceeds the amount to get support and aid from other programs.  With many of the programs available $25,000 a year income may disqualify a person to receive support.  We all know in today’s world a $25,000 a year income to support 3 children and provide can be a challenge.   If you know a family facing these struggles and would like to nominate them to be blessed with a free furnace visit the nomination page.

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”  Luke 12:48